Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2012

Hey everyone!

GNOME has been officially accepted by Google as a mentoring
organization for GSoC 2012, which means some students will be paid by
Google during the summer to help us improve GNOME 🙂 The student
applications will start coming in on March 26th and the deadline for
applications is on April 6th (a bit less than 3 weeks from now).

In the mean time, here are a few things you should do if you want to
mentor some students during the summer:
* add yourself as a potential mentor for GNOME on the GSoC website ( )
* add GSoC ideas for students to
* build a list of simple bug/features the applying students can try to
fix (we require students to contribute a bugfix or a small feature to
the project they are applying for)
* guide students who would like to work with you during the summer

For this last part, I generally tell students that the first steps
toward an application are to try to think about what they want to work
on (the idea list can be helpful here), and that the first steps
toward a successful application is to manage to build the project they
want to hack on, and that they should start looking into fixing simple
Then interacting with the student, and telling him/her to start
thinking about what they will put in their application (especially the
project schedule) is always a good thing 🙂

If you have more questions about all of this, feel free to follow up
on soc-mentors-list, or to ask on IRC. You can find us on #soc.