Congratulations to our member Yu Liansu for joining GNOME Outreach Program for Women Internships

Ms. Yu Liansu (blog, personal website) of the Beijing GNOME User Group has been selected by the GNOME Foundation to join the 2011 Outreach Program for Women Internships.

The GNOME Foundation has been offering annual global internships through its Outreach Program since 2006. In past years, student interns have made various contributions to the GNOME Project, including documentation, graphical design and software development.

The Outreach Program runs parallel to “Google Summer of Code” project, which has been the world’s most significant IT internship student program since its launch in 2005. The GNOME Outreach Program offers a similar stipend of 5,000USD as “Google Summer of Code”, although it focuses more on encouraging the participation of women.

In 2011,eight female interns were accepted by the Outreach Program, in addition to seven female student interns at Google Summer Summer of Code program who will work on the GNOME project. Yu Liansu is the only intern from Asia.

Beijing GNOME User Group has been actively organizing events, presentations and doing advocacy of GNOME Project. Beijing GNOME User Group have a special focus on International co-operation and thus we are especially happy about the news of our member being selected as Outreach Program intern.

Yu Liansu has previously worked for the Beijing GNOME User group event organization and has contributed to several open source projects such as building a website for “News RSS Ticker”. During her upcoming internship she will work on GNOME visual identity and web pages.

Along with her fellow interns,Yu Liansu has been invited to give a speech at the upcoming 2011 GNOME Summit in Germany, the most significant annual event of the GNOME Project. The GNOME Foundation kindly offered subsidy for her to travel to Germany.

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