GNOME 3 更新一天比一天好

距离GNOME 3正式完成还有一段时间,不过为了满足大家的好奇心,GNOME项目团队已经上线了全新的GNOME 3官网,并在这里介绍了GNOME 3的一些核心功能和专注领域。

通过GNOME 3,GNOME项目从零开始为当今用户和技术提供了全新的现代化桌面设计。GNOME的新桌面将典雅带到了一个全新的水平,我们将杂乱感一扫而空,建造了一个简洁易用的桌面,这也是我们迄今设计的最漂亮的GNOME桌面,使用了新的视觉主题、精美的新字体和精雕细琢的动画效果。

GNOME Shell 的 GNOME 3 桌面环境进行了进一步优化。

桌面默认字体调整为 Cantarell

Owen made sure that the new desktop uses the new GNOME font by default. The result is much nicer text and an altogether more beautiful desktop.


In case you missed it, David Zeuthen added the long-awaited calendar redesign. It’s both beautiful and practical. Personally, I love having my tasks next to the date grid; it’s really handy.


Another of Owen’s contributions, the implementation of Jimmac‘s workspace switching design is slick, and it has been getting really good feedback from those who have used it. The new switcher makes it easy to change workspaces and to move windows between them. The animated transitions are really satisfying, too.


Florian Müllner has been doing a great job refining our visuals (among other things). He recently removed the labels from the icons in ‘the dash’ (the application launcher bar on the left) and enlarged the icons in the application view. These changes mitigate some of the issues we’ve seen with the labels getting cut off, and they give a generally nicer layout. The styling of the search bar has been improved also.



GNOME 3对系统设置进行了重新设计,比以往任何时候都易于使用。根据该网站提供的最新消息,GNOME 3正在进行最后的紧张开发,预计在2011年4月才能问世。