GNOME实习计划的目标是吸引更多的人才来进一步参与GNOME的开发。为了实现这些重要任务,我们会有软件工程和非工程的项目,鼓励每个人都来申请。由于这些任务比自由软件社区中的其他实习计划复杂得多,所以GNOME的实习生在3个月内将获得8000美元的津贴。 GNOME基金会现在会把之前募捐的资金用于这些项目。


目前有6个项目可以申请:USB ProtectionCredentials ManagementPipeWire portal systemPrivate SessionCrypto Hardware EnablementLocation aware policies & security


如果您对该计划有任何疑问,反馈或想法,欢迎发送电子邮件至[email protected]或与Carlos Soriano(irc.gnome.org的csoriano)联系。


1 – Are you are a resident or national of any country or region other than Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan? 


2 – Are you or will you be 18 years of age or older by December 1, 2018?


3 – Are you eligible to work in the country or countries in which you will reside throughout the duration of the program?


4 – Do you confirm that you are not a person or entity restricted by US export controls or sanctions programs?


6 – Are you available for a full-time, 40 hours a week internship between the project dates? Please list any commitments you have between these dates that might conflict with you being available full-time to work on the internship on any given week, other than job and school commitments covered in questions below. (We expect interns to work out with their mentor how they make up for short absences.)


7 – Have you read and agree with what’s stated in our internship contract


8(i) – Are you free of any job commitments between the internship dates? (Skip questions 8(ii)-8(iii) if the answer is Yes.)


8(ii) What are the dates during which you have other job commitments and how many hours a week do they require?


8(iii) Given the information you provided above, can you certify that your job commitments will take up no more than 20 hours a week for at least seven weeks between the internship dates?


9(i) – Are you enrolled in school between the internship dates? (Skip questions 9(ii)-9(v) if the answer is No.)


9(ii) – What are the dates for the semesters and exam sessions that fall between these dates? How many weeks do you have during the internship period that are outside of the semester or exam session dates?


9(iii) – What classes and for how many credits are you taking in each one of the semesters that overlap with the internship dates? How many credits does a full-time student typically take a semester at your school? Please attach or provide a link to a curriculum that supports this information (required).


9(iv) – Do you plan to use your internship participation to satisfy a project requirement and receive school credits? If so, how many credits will you receive?

你是否打算利用实习参与来满足项目要求并获得学分? 如果是这样,您会收到多少个积分?

9(v) – Given the information you provided above, can you certify that after subtracting the credits, if any, that you will receive for the internship, you will take no more than half of the typical number of credits a full-time student takes at your school for at least seven weeks between the internship dates?